Indonesian Sports Day II - 2014

Indonesian Sports Day started to become an annual event for PERMIT NINGBO. This year, there were three sports competition, which are Futsal, Badminton, and Basketball. This time, the winners were not just got a certificate and trophy, but also a cash prize of 250 RMB.


In order to commemorate Kartini Day, PERMIT NINGBO held an event with a theme of “RUNNING MAN”. Indonesians college students need to explore places like Laowaitan, Heyi, Tianyi and Chenghuangmia. They also required to complete all mission on each of all those places before proceed to another place. The purpose of this event is to increase the unity of Indonesian college students in Ningbo on this national day.


This was the second time where PERMIT NINGBO held an Indonesian Culture Performance. Once again, Indonesian college students in Ningbo were given a chance to show their talent on the stage. Further more, just like last year, there were a lot of traditional Indonesian music, food, and dance to be shown to people from other countries.