The main purpose of this event is to choose a new chairman of PERMIT Ningbo for the period 2015-2016; This event was attended by Mrs. Kenssy, representatives of the consulate general of the Republic of Indonesia in Shanghai, and Indonesian students in Ningbo. 

Warung Indonesia


The purpose of this event is not just for their talents in the field of sports, but also unite all the Indonesian students in Ningbo. The competitions were basketball, badminton, football, and tug of war.

PERMIT Ningbo members serving Indonesian foods such as fried rice, martabak, etc. food cooked by our committee. This program is not just intended to seek additional funding, but also to introduce a typical Indonesian food to foreign friends.


This event was created for internal committee members of PERMIT Ningbo. Members were divided into small groups with the aim of resolving the challenges that have been prepared by the division of event. Besides, the purpose of this event was also to strengthen a sense of togetherness among members.